More About Mantras

Some more information about sacred mantras.

Almost everyone would be able to tell that mantras literarily mean the concept of sounds emitted with a sacred intonation. Starting from childhood to the death bed, people are exposed to variety of mantras in their life. Some call these mantras as hymns or slokas, while there are many such notations, which do not carry any meaning. But, these have been religiously chanted from generations to generations. Placing the origins of these notations in chronology is not quite exact, but they have been in existence since the birth of mankind. It is in the present times that these chants have been tried to be analysed for their importance in spirituality and meditation. It is debated much whether the chanting of mantras is a way of meditation or not, with many speaking in favour as well as against this kind of belief.

Proponents still differ about the benefits of mantras:

Many mantras have been tried to be interpreted for the understanding of the common man. With their strong belief and awareness, people can recite these notations in different languages. Some people do not try to make out the meanings, but still go through the rigours of chanting them again and again. It cannot be yet ascertained that there is a differential benefit of these two options, but the mantras have not been far away from becoming integral to meditative procedures. There are plenty of notations related to gods and spirituality, which are recited time and again and used during meditative postures. For people, there is the belief system that these mantras work for them, and as a result of such beliefs, they are seen to be engaged in meditation with their help and support.

Concept of energy travel with mantra recitations:

Medical and psychological researches have been undertaken in large scales to corroborate the benefits of chanting mantras in life. It is said that the specific mantras, when recited with the right pronunciations and connotations, become forms of energy that travels in air and space. These are packets of energy which also circulate in the body matter of people chanting them. Gradually, the energy works together to streamline the energy inside the body in a positive direction, allowing people to reach a state of meditation. While some people use other methods of meditation, mantras are seen to have a positive energy circulating inside the human body. In the long run, there is an accumulation of this positive energy, which can be controlled by the person, who has attained a state of thoughtless meditation.

Scientific explanations:

Scientific explanations have also helped with discoveries about mantras, because it is felt that a series of syllables can create direct effects on the minds. While medical research is finding answers for such effects, ancient anecdotes have plenty of such stories for the best results among the sages and gurus. In recent years, people are getting convinced by the power of mantras and coming up with better ideas about the process, practising meditation with the help of these notations.